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Flera medlemmar ur sällskapet living hema norrköping som håller upp svärd i luften samt har ringbrynja och rustning på sig


Have you never held a sword before or unsure if HEMA is something for you? Maybe you have been training somewhere else and want to try out our club? No worries! It is okay to join a couple of sessions before you decide if you want to become a member.


Just send us a message! we'll answer as fast as we can.

Thanks for your message!

Membership fees and information

It makes us happy to see that you're interested in our club! Wether you're here because of our martial arts practice, the historical reenactment or just to belong to a fellowship of like-minded people, you are most welcome.

The membership fee is paid by every member of the club once a year. In this fee there's an insurance via the Swedish Sports Confederation. If you want to take part in our training sessions during the year you need to pay a training fee each semester too

The fees are paid via bank transfer, for more info contact the head instructor of the club or reach out to us via our email adress 

When we have registered your payment you will get a confirmation. To add you to our membership register we need a few more details, please send us the following contact information: Name and adress, phone number and email adress. We also need your social security number or some kind of personal identification number.

Membership fee: 300 SEK/year

Training fee: 850 SEK/semester

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