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Bohus fästning med solnedgång i bakgrunden


We do engage in other activities besides just weekly sword practice and historical reenactment gatherings. 

Två män i medeltidskläder sitter på en bänk med fårfällar, den ena utför svärdvård
Två personer i skyddsutrustning blir filmade vid uppvisning av fäktning med långsvärd under musikhjälpen i norrköping 2021

Modern events

We usually participate in a few events during the year with a more moderna approach, During these events we use mainly moderna clothes and safety gear and our focus is to show HEMA as a sport. 

When, where och how?

You can find the events and medieval fairs we will participate in during the year listed under events in the menu. The list will be updated when new events get added throughout the year. Are you curious to see pictures from events and sword practice sessions just visit our photo gallery.

Historical and modern events

Historical reenactment

If you are interested in historical reenactment or just think it's fun to be a part of historical events or medieval fairs our club gives it's members the opportunity to participate in these kinds of events around Sweden a few times a year, mainly during the summer months May-September. 

During events like this we dress in historical clothes, gear and live in tents in the different events historical camps. We're usually assigned to hold shows and workshops to let visitors get a sense of HEMA from this point of view and how this kind of fighting may have actually looked back then.

Occasionally we organize a kind of mini-version of a knightly tournament were we show and talk about different kinds of military exercises knights needed to master and why.

Other activities

In addition to events our hope is to be able to offer other kinds of activities during the year, some historical themed and some more on the modern side. These kind of activities can range from craft/historical reenactment gatherings, visits to other HEMA-clubs and craftsmen to organizing various get-togethers or picnics where we can dress in our historical clothing and socialize with each other. Activities like these will be planned continuously during the year and what kind, how many, when etc depends a bit on if there's any interest and possibility for our members to participate.

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