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Träningspass med sällskapet living hema norrköping där tekniker i långsvärd övas

Training sessions

To start training with us, all you need as a beginner is clothes to train in, shoes for indoor use and a water bottle. We have some other equipment available to borrow. If you are a little more experienced and want to train at a slightly faster pace, we recommend you to also bring your own sword, mask, gloves and a protective fencing jacket.

Beginner group

This group is suitable for beginners as well as and younger students. During our beginner session you'll learn the most important and fundamental parts for a continued successful training, which is footwork and posture. You will also get to know the sword and how to move smoothly and fiercely with it in your hands. You will also gain knowledge about the basics of different positions, guards, techniques and principles.

Advanced group

This session is a bit more advanced, it's suitable for you who already have some prior knowledge, you may have been practicing in the beginner group for a while and feel that it's about time to develop further or you may have trained elsewhere and want to try something new. The advanced pass focuses on building on to the basics and we delve more into different techniques and principles. You will also have the opportunity to participate in sparring, this means that you'll be able to test everything you've learned at a slightly higher pace, of course provided you have the right equipment for the purpose.

Training time

Beginner (age 12+)

Sundays 3-4pm

Advanced (age 16+)

Sundays 4-6pm

Training hall

Our training hall is located at a place called "Föreningarnas hus" at Wilhem Vibergs gata 172 in the centre of Klockaretorpet in Norrköping.

If you come by car, there is a paid car park to park at very close by.

If you use Ösgötatrafiken, get onto bus 3E towards Klockaretorpet and get off at the stop "Klockaretorpet Centrum". From there it's a 5 minute walk.

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