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SLHN logotyp, en grip med två cirklar runt och ett svärd som sticker upp bakom

About us


Historical techniques with a modern execution

Sällskapet Living HEMA Norrköping is a martial arts club based in Norrköping,

Sweden. We are a part of the Swedish HEMA Association and the Swedish Budo

& Martial Arts Federation. Our main focus is the practice of the martial art HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts).

HEMA-träning där två personer i träningskläder och skydd tränar kamp med dolk
HEMA-träning där två personer i skyddsutrustning sparras med långsvärd

Our practice is based on historical fencing manuscripts and contains everything from wrestling techniques to different swordfighting techniques. Even though we sometimes take dive into other manuscripts the primary one we use is from the end of the 14th century called "Il Fior the Battaglia" (The flower of battle) and is written by the Italian master Fiore dei Liberi. ll Fior di Battaglia is a holistic, systematic fighting treatise which has come to be considered one of the most important works of it's kind when it comes to close-combat skills. The manuscript contains everything from unarmed techniques, grappling, dagger fighting, and longsword fencing to mounted fighting.

Besides the martial arts part of the club there's another side to us where

we want to give our members, who are interested in historical

reenactment, the opportunity to spend time researching and

working on different projects in the company of like-minded people.

This part of the club strives to imitate the historical sources, as close as we can when it comes to clothing and equipment as well as our camp and living accommodations during the historical events we participate in.

En kvinna med grön kjortel en skinnväska i ett skärp runt midjan står framför ett medeltidstält
Riddare i rustning med en liten flicka framför sig som får låna hans svärd

Our association is firmly rooted with one foot in historical reenactment and the other in the modern practice of the martial art.

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